Tuesday, August 12, 2008

rise #7

Guten tag,

In today’s issue, we have two green tips, both sent in by brilliant rise readers as follow ups to past green tips.

Green tip #1: Mac vs PC - when you buy a Mac, they email you a FedEx shipping label to mail in any old computer equipment for recycling and it's free shipping, just deposit it at a FedEx

Green tip #2: Composting tip - take some leftover PVC drainage tubing (most construction sites are happy to give you what's left over from their projects, so you're already recycling). Drill 3/8 inch holes every 6 – 12 inches or so all the way through the pipe (both sides). Lay some of the pipe every on the ground (about 9 inches apart) and then add additional tubes on top in rising criss-cross patterns. Now just build your compost pile on top of the pipes and make sure the ends aren't covered; the air that circulates through these pipes will speed up the decomposition and eliminates the need to turn the heap over with a rake or shovel. No fuss, no muss, fertility abounds. If you use pipes with a smaller diameter, then put the tubes somewhat closer together to get enough air into the pile.

Cool website/article: Strain your brain with a rebus or twenty (yes these can be addictive):
Difficult http://www.us.mensa.org/am/games/game_shell.cfm?showPage=unclerebus/unclerebus.cfm&gameName=Uncle%20Rebus note the clue in the bottom right corner of the puzzle
Life tip: You can’t make people love you or treat you a certain way. You’ll always have life partners, potential mates, friends & strangers treating you in ways that aren’t optimal from your perspective, so instead of getting upset or trying to change their behaviors, instead change what you can, yourself. Change your expectations, be thankful for what they do have to offer & meet new people who do give you what you need.

“Have a ripple effect”

With regards to the picture, consider how your life’s decisions have ripple effects.

Next issue I’d like to publish some sunrise pictures, so if you have any spectacular ones that you’ve taken, please send them along.